• The Power of Reduce

    The Array.prototype.reduce method is one of those methods that is unnecessarily frightening at first glance. It's something that I myself was uncomfortable with for much longer than needed early on in my career. If you find yourself in that position, I hope this article helps change that.

    6 months ago | 9 min read

    Tags: javascript

  • A Look Inside Vue's Change Detection

    A layman's interpretation of Occam's Razor can be boiled down to "the simplest explanation is usually the correct one." This was exactly what came to mind the moment I learned how Vue.js implements it's change detection under the hood. It's simple, elegant, and beautiful.

    a couple of years ago | 10 min read

    Tags: vue, javascript, spa

  • Building a Blog with Metalsmith

    Ever want to set up your own blog? Stuck on which Static Site Generator to use? Know Javascript? Or don't? After trying out multiple NodeJS based SSG's, and looking into multiple non-NodeJS based ones, I settled on Metalsmith for my own blog. Here's my beginner's guide to setting up a new blog from scratch.

    a couple of years ago | 8 min read

    Tags: ssg, javascript, metalsmith, blog

  • Nested Reactive Forms in Angular2, Continued

    If you haven't read Part 1 of this post, I suggest you jump over and check that out first, or else you may find yourself lost in the advanced operations we'll be discussing here. In this post, we're going to look at more advanced usages of this setup, including form submission, adding/removing children, autosaving, undo/redo, and resetting form state.

    a couple of years ago | 9 min read

    Tags: angular, javascript, functional, reactive, frp

  • Nested Reactive Forms in Angular2

    Over at URBN, I recently worked on a little internal app that involved a fairly complex nested form UI. Having only done limited Angular2 work thus far, mostly using NgUpgrade against an existing Angular1 app, it was a great learning experience in some of the new form capabilities offered in Angular2. However, I couldn't find many great examples involving nested forms that felt clean/maintainable/etc. After a few days of hacking, I was pretty happy with what we ended up with, and super excited about the new Reactive Forms in Angular2.

    a couple of years ago | 12 min read

    Tags: angular, javascript, functional, reactive, frp

  • Beware of hidden inputs in Angular filters

    If you've been writing JavaScript (or really any language for that matter) in the past few years, chances are you've caught wind of the rising popularity of functional programming paradigms. Pure functions are one of the major concepts of functional programming, and as it turns out, the usage of impure functions in Angular filters can produce some not-so-obvious bugs in your AngularJS application.

    3 years ago | 5 min read

    Tags: angularjs, javascript, functional

  • My Journey to Metalsmith

    Every developer has a never-ending TODO list of side projects, experiments, blog posts, etc. We're going to get to these things, we promise! Perpetually hanging towards the top of my list was "make brophy.org more than just my resume." However, tackling that item proved to be a longer-than-anticipated journey through the world of Static Site Generators, finally landing me on Metalsmith.

    3 years ago | 10 min read

    Tags: ssg, javascript, metalsmith